8th Dec 2021 – Introducing Season 2!

In the second season of romance stories set in Podlington (books 5-8), we are excited to introduce Ash, Leo, Rob (or is that Robbie? read the book to see what I mean), and Bo. They are four eligible bachelors and residents of the fictional Somerset village.

There will be fiery conflict, angry clashes, scenes of handsome meet cute, and love at first sight. All the good things you’d expect from a group of stories with the opposites attract theme.

This time the books will show you more of the village.

For us as writers, the fun has been in creating the village. We’ve discussed its layout and architecture and spent many hours sharing photos of villages, cottages, and pubs set alongside village greens. We’ve chatted about village life.

Although villages might look picturesque, old, and ageless, they face the challenges and changes of modern life.

I hope you will get a flavour of it when you read these books.