26th Sep 2021 – Welcome to Podlington!

This is it. Finally, our project has come to fruition.

It’s not just another book launch. Or a series. This shared world is over three years in the making; our first books were completed and edited more than two years ago, but we’ve revised them a little since then.

Podlington also survived the authors-in-lockdown vegetation and other life upheavals.

And that’s only part of why we’re excited to publish our first season of Podlington stories.

All four of us have escaped to this fantasy place that we created so often that it seems almost real, and we’ve fallen in love with the picturesque village and its characters.

Oh, let me tell you something about the minor characters who might only make a few lines on the page in the first books. You see, to us, they have whole backstories and families and homes. We know where they live, and we know their pets and grandparents. We may well drag them out for total exposure in the future.

So, don’t be afraid to speculate or ask for more information about any minor character you meet, but I can’t promise we’ll tell all.

Like all the best villages, of course, Podlington has its village news sheet, the Podlington Harbinger. Watch out, and you might find a copy lying around in the cafe, the shop, or the pub, or you can arrange to have it delivered to your email inbox. We’re all looking forward to sharing our magical Somerset village in the West Country.